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Silk blouses are the basis of many of my combinations, a perfect piece that serves as a uniform when I do not know what to pack in a few days of business trip, where I need a business combination of elegant looks, something that will look sophisticated for a business dinner, but also something that can be Get into whispering to some of my cities. Silk blouse, although simple, lightweight, still gives it all in one piece and adds sophistication and chic touch to any combination.
Black and white are among the basic ones, but there are also some of these colorful patterns, with a scarf around doors or some details, and I found most of my favorites in Massimo Dutti, in whose collections you will always find at least some beautiful models. While I carry them to work most often with classical trousers or narrow skirts, I like them most in my spare time with a boyfriend jeans, a leather briefcase or during summer with Texas shorts. Below are some suggestions on how to combine them and a few small tips for handling them best.
The silk blouse is elegant and sophisticated enough that high heels are not necessary in elegant or business combinations. Dress it with flat moccasins or ballet for a sophisticated and refined look. Puffy jacket is a piece that perfectly adheres to silk blouses – giving them texture and structure. With silk blouses rich details jewelry you do not need. If the blouse / shirt already has a rich bow, steering wheel or scarf around the neck, leave it to be your key piece and defines your appearance.
The refined silk scarf for decades is on the threshold of compulsory fashion accessories for women all over the world. Quite simple, unobtrusive, and so special because it offers endless wearing options and interesting transformations. With a bit of attachment effort, you can wear it as an interesting fashion accessory around the neck, on the head, and even as a shirt or strap! Our star from the cover has demonstrated as many as seven ways to wear this fine silk scarf. Look at what all these 90×90 size shawls make with ease! What is most important and, in fact, is the only rule in binding, to always make a double node in order to avoid unwinding, everything is left to you and a real training ground for creativity. The new Freywille collection is dominated by small silk scarves measuring 53×53 cm in blue and ultramarine shades, vibrant purple, rubies with red or sapphire tones, which can be tied around the neck in a Parisian manner, worn like a bracelet around your arm or as an ornament in your hair.
Scarf over a necklace – You’ll need a metal short necklace. Put it around your neck. Fold the marble into the triangle, grab the central part of the side where it is folded, fold it up, twist, and then squeeze the back of the buckle. Put one side underneath the necklace over the necklace and the other over and below. Then, one side, wrap around the necklace all the way to the middle, where you will end the end under the work that you wrapped. Do the same on the other side. A knot around the head – Fold the scarf into a triangle, fold it over the head so that the side where the scarf is folded is next to the neck, and the spike falls across the forehead. Stack the side scarves on the forehead, swing the bars underneath, then tighten. Then, move the spike back and tie the ends of the shingles over into another node. Twist it all together and slide it beneath it to not see it. A fierce eye of the head – Fold the scarf into a triangle, grab the middle, then gather. Name the middle of the back above the door, drag the ends over the ears, and forward, a little on the side, tie the bow.
Of all the materials, it is silk that she prefers. The song definitely suits Astrid, 39, and her nude or black nightie she wears on jeans, warmed with a cashmere when the frost impose. “I ran the very first in a vintage shop. Almost a revelation, she smiles. With no other piece of my wardrobe I had this feeling of softness, related to the rustling of the fabric on the skin. ” From sheets to the streets, as the Anglo-Saxons say. Sheets on the street, from the room to the macadam: in a few seasons, the shift seems to have been operated by the stylists. For the spring-summer 2016, Gucci leaves the bedroom in his pajamas to see him parading, emerald green and embellished with vegetable embroidery, in the open air. At Balenciaga, the virginal nightgown is well before midnight, when La Perla offers, in its range “Inside Out” the aptly named, ultra chic black silk satin pants. At Princesse Tam-Tam, bodys in cozy material reveal an indentation that would be a shame to confined to the interior.
“It’s a very common dream to imagine walking in the street in your pajamas,” says psychoanalyst Katia Denard. He speaks of the way others look at us, the shame we can feel. By putting the lingerie back on the stage, the creators seem to propose a daydream. The charm operates, visibly. In 2013, according to the French Institute of Fashion, the nightwear sector achieved a sales volume exceeding six hundred million euros. When she reviews her wardrobe midday / midnight, Astrid finds a common denominator: “This lightness of matter that gives the impression of a body released, free of some weight. Cashmere, georgette, lace … The clothes inside pick the epidermis, warm it without choking it. In her shop in the heart of Paris left bank, the designer Sabbia Rosa deploys a negligee of black silk and silk lace, “because it is a natural material in which we do not sweat, but can also warm you up” .
The clothes that are being provided are mostly associated with complete failure. However, this is a mistake! Clothes that can be seen may look chic and stylish. It is important only when wearing it and wearing it. Yes, it’s reserved for bold and, if so, check out below what ideas we suggest! A long shirt, a totally transparent lace skirt, a silk bomber jacket and a lavatory in the spitz – has a better streetstyle combination? You do not see yourself knowing, it looks very sexy and stylish! Deep underwear, deep boots, short leather jacket and lace dress, which is provided – yes, sure!
With this look, hairstyles and makeup must be fully customized. You are the giant rock, not the starter. A beautiful black tulle under which black clothes are provided, socks and boots, and a backpack can – on your back! However, this can only be worn by those who do not bother other people’s views, because there is definitely a lot of things that are covered. The pieces are carefully selected, as well as the laundry. Recognize, although most are provided, the combination does not work nor is it cheap! The mesh material under which the bra is discretely seen is a better solution than an open décolleté.
Elegantly cramped hair will give a small dose of sophistication to the whole look. When it comes to tile and lace you can be creative. An unusual blouse on a tight trousers or a dress that is partially provided to ballet girls is just as good a choice. As you can see, black combinations are not boring. It’s up to you to decide what is more appropriate to your sensibility. Do not forget that a casual hairdresser is required! If you still like more classic variations, such as lace dresses under which you can see yourself, stick to one rule: let the lace and your clothes be expensive!